Are You an Old Soul or a Young Soul?  Angel Levels 1 & 4

Copywrite Raven Shamballa concepts from 1000 Realms of Light, to publish 2022.


If you are an Angel Level 1, you are a younger soul. You could be on your first or second soulful journey. If you are an Angel Level 4 you are reaching the middle of the angel education training, but you have still not earned your wings.


Angels Level 10, Angels Level 12, and the higher Master Levels are souls that have all earned their wings. If you could see yourself in your angel body, or astral body, you would see that you have wings.


Earth is considered a mix-dimensional planet with a wide range of light and dark experiences. Living as a human being on Earth provides a wide variety of soulful experiences. Each Angel or Master Level has different characteristics and challenges.


In the next three blogs I give a few characteristics of Angel Levels and Master Levels. I will be expanding this topic in the next book “1000 Realms of Light”.


Angels Level 1 are younger souls. In some cases, this is their first soul journey since they left the astral realms.


They may or may not be interested in spirituality. In general, many are interested in material pursuits and creating a fun life. They are on Earth to play, grow, and learn through experience. If they are interested in spirituality, they usually follow an organized path and are not that spiritually adventurous. They are simplistic in their spiritual understanding.


There life purpose is centered around learning personal life lessons. An Angel Level 1 might spend the whole lifetime just trying to learn forgiveness, learn courage or how to love themselves. Often Angels Level 1 find themselves lost and confused. They often have a lot of difficult karma they are working through.


Some Angels Level 1 have great karma and have lives full of abundance, freedom, and community.


Angels Level 4, are further on their development to becoming mature angels. They are considered youthful angels and have not yet earned their wings. They started incarnating on Earth during the time of the Renaissance.


Their arrival to the planet brought new concepts in human consciousness. Humans expanded into the modern era with new technologies, empirical science, space exploration, art and design.


Angels Level 4 are more mature than Angels Level 1. They tend to be very grounded and practical. They see the world as very black and white and are fully engaged in 3rd dimensional vocations. They are interested in having a happy life and home. They are more conventional and interested in worldly pursuits. Most Angels Level 4 are good people.


They may or may not be spiritual. If they are spiritual, they often feel more comfortable expressing spirituality through a religious teaching. They are usually not very spiritually adventurous, although they can awaken to become spiritually curious and start growing from there.


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Stay tune, in the next two blogs Raven covers Angel Level 10s and Angel Level 12s.