Are You an Old Soul or a Young Soul?  Angel Levels 10 & 12 Part 1

Copywrite Raven Shamballa concepts from 1000 Realms of Light, to publish 2022.


Angels Level 1 and Angels Level 4 are much younger than Angels Level 10 and Angels Level 12. Younger souls are very grounded and 3rd dimensional. The Earth plane feels flat and dense, and they have a sense if you can not see something, it doesn’t exist.


Angels Level 10 and Angels Level 12 are much older and have a completely different perspective than the younger Angels. I call these angels “Advanced Angels” or “Earth Angels’. They are known by many other names on the internet. Indigo children, rainbow children, children of light and countless other names. Often a healer will coin a phrase based on the theme of the generation.


Advanced angels are highly intuitive and are gifted with psychic skills. They can easily develop their psychic skills with just a little practice. They often remember their dreams. They prefer to spend time in fantasy and daydreaming. They understand crystals, vibrations, essential oils and natural medicines. They are open minded to new spiritual concepts. Often, they are aware of their guides or angels.


Advanced angels can have a hard time in the world, until they start to awaken. For many angels, this is an overwhelming task. Often early childhood experiences are painful and cause trauma. They need to work their way out of the trauma or mistakes they made early on. Once they are found, they quickly awaken and start the journey to self-discovery and healing themselves.


They feel that the Earth is very dark, abrasive and a harsh environment and often they wonder why such a nice person like them incarnated on such a difficult planet. They wonder “Why me? I just want to go home now.” But they don’t understand that they are advanced angels, sent to Earth at this critical time to shine brightly, even under insurmountable odds.”


Advanced Angels can feel their inner nature is gentle, sweet, and kind and yet their life purpose objective is to become strong, powerful, and to over-come opposition. They are learning to become spiritual warriors with helmets, shields and swords drawn to push back against dark forces and injustice.


For more information on Angels Level 10 and 12 stay tuned for the next blog.