Are You an Old Soul or a Young Soul? Angel Levels 10 & 12 Part 2

Copywrite Raven Shamballa concepts from 1000 Realms of Light, to publish 2022.



Angels Level 1 and Angels Level 4 are younger souls. Angels Level 10 and Angels Level 12 are older souls. This blog is Angel Levels 10 & 12 Part 2, and continues with characteristics of Angels Level 10 and Angels Level 12 Part 1.


Angels Level 10 and Angels Level 12 are empathic and pick up energies from people and environments in the world. This can make them feel off balance until they receive some training on how to deal with negative energies in the world.


Once the advanced angels understand why they have incarnated on Earth, and how they should approach working in toxic environments, they quickly start to find tools that assist them in staying grounded and moving forward.


They move out of feeling sorry for themselves for landing in such a harsh environment and move into being strong and courageous. They start to understand how to operate in negative environments or with negative people. They quickly learn that energy healing and meditation are vital practices that keep them balanced and prevent them from being overwhelmed.


Other advanced angels, upon discovery of their inner nature, might divorce from the material world and choose a different lifestyle that doesn’t require working in a low frequency, stressful job or dealing with unhealthy family members.


Earth Angels often have a strong desire to be healers. They want to be of service. They will want to save the Earth.


They are more inclined to work with children, animals, nature, or creative arts instead of working at a desk on a computer. Some may find the experience of college too limited and boring to keep their interest. Others like myself, are willing to move through the 3rd dimensional experience of education and formal training for a worldly occupation.


The advanced angels tend to be very spiritual. They are spiritually adventurous and may seek out a psychedelic experience, past life regression hypnosis or other types of vision quests that expand human perspective. They usually find church limited and repetitive. They often prefer yoga and meditation and studying different types of spirituality to create their own formula for deep connection to their own truth.


I have seen advanced angels wake up and move from depression, anxiety, addictions and feeling crushed by the world, to becoming fully fledge Earth Angels. They become strong, in control, working psychically with their angels and having a better understanding of their purpose and taking on the challenge level of the incarnation.


Advanced angels are tasks with remaining a beacon of light in a dark world. They are expected to take the high road and do the right thing. These Earth Angels can have challenging curriculums. They are meant to be thrown down into a complex and difficult environment and see what they are made of. We are here to change the world against impossible dark forces that are operating all around us.


There are other differences between Angels Level 10 and Angels Level 12 but that is all for now until I complete my next book, “1000 Realms of Light”.


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