Are You an Old Soul or a Young Soul?  Master Levels and Ascended Master Fragments

Copywrite Raven Shamballa concepts from 1000 Realms of Light, to publish 2022.



In this blog series. I have discussed that people have different soulful ages. There are twelve categories of angels. Currently Angels Level 1, Angels Level 4, Angels Level 10 and Angels Level 12 are incarnating on Earth.


Beyond the angel levels there are to other smaller categories of the heavenly host that are incarnating on Earth. There are five classes of Masters. Three are incarnating on the Earth: Master Level 1, Master Level 3 and Master Level 5/ Imperial Masters. Ascended Masters can also fragment to incarnate on the Earth plane. An Ascended Master is a representative of God and model of love and light. They have identities such as Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, Quan Yin, Lakshmi and Lady Nada.


In this blog I briefly discuss Imperial Masters (Masters Level 5) and Ascended Master Fragments.


These old souls are full of wisdom. They are practical and grounded. They can manifest projects and constructions in the 3rd dimension. They are leaders and can handle large complex situations. They may run organizations like a restaurant or business team in which they are positive and genuine leaders for the good of the over all organization.


Sometimes these old souls incarnate as characters that are “out there” or “tripped” out. Musicians, street people, artists or entertainers can be Ascended Master fragments.


Imperial Masters are often scientist that create a new technology in the world. They can be inventors, computer programmers or video producers. They are often teachers and creative people.


Examples of a life purpose of an Imperial Master may be to create spiritual community on Earth. All 400 incarnations would have the same desire to purchase property and design a unique spiritual community regardless of their worldly vocation.


An Ascended Master also known as a Lord, operates at a higher frequency. They can fragment a piece of soulful essence and create soulful incarnations on Earth. Some people are born vibrating with the energy of the Ascended Masters. Ascended Master fragments have a variety of missions on Earth. Some missions are large and public, but other incarnations are supportive and ordinary.


An Ascended Master fragment might be a good husband or mother. He or she is usually a strong and positive force in a community. Other Ascended Master fragments may support the family with a traditional job, which allow their spouse to be a yoga teacher, energy healer or life coach.


Imperial Masters and Ascended Master Fragments are here to hold up the light at this pivotal time of change here on Earth.


This concludes this blog series “Are you an Old Soul or a Young Soul? What is your Soulful Age – Angel and Master Levels”. I will be expanding on these topics in my next book, “1000 Realms of Light”.


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