Are You an Old Soul or a Young Soul?  What is an Eon of Time?

Copywrite Raven Shamballa concepts from 1000 Realms of Light, to publish 2022.


As a former psychotherapist, I have listened to people's stories over the years. It has helped me to understand a person more thoughtfully when I considered their soulful age. The soulful age is the age of their astral angelic form. I identify a person incarnated on Earth by their Angel or Master Level.


Each Angel or Master Level has a different set of challenges and different expectations for spiritual growth.


Each Angel or Master Level has different degrees of karma. If you have a lot of karmic residue, you will have more obstacles on your path and unfinished business that often presents as difficult relationships or issues in your present life. Other people have less karma, and as a result some people lead blessed and abundant lives.


For more information on concepts about karma, read my book “10 Cosmic Dimensions, A Spiritual Guidebook to Ascension”.


Angels Level 1 and Angels Level 4 are younger souls. Angels Level 10 and Angels Level 12 are older souls. You can imagine the curriculums are very different. The Master Class, I will blog on last, they also have a different life purpose and karmic structure.


Now, before we can move forward in the discussion of soulful age, I will introduce some concepts. Here is the first one, you are born in the heavenly realms and will someday return there after a short lifetime in the physical universe. After you die you spend time in the astral world. There your body is different, it is lighter. There is a feeling of easy going and you understand you are safe and not in a dangerous world. I call this space life-between-lives. You have eons of time in life-between-lives.


How long is an eon of time? Let your mind expand.


You may choose to remain a citizen of heaven as long as you would like. Or you may choose to challenge yourself and evolve spiritually. There is a training structure that citizens of heavens move through to become angels. Once a citizen of heaven decides to enroll in angel school, the person moves through eons of curriculum which creates obstacles and challenges in pursuit of evolution of your being and service to others.


Each angel level requires one or more soul journeys to be completed. I define “soul journey” in my book “10 Cosmic Dimensions, A Spiritual Guidebook to Ascension”.


A soul journey is a long time. Let’s put that concept of time into the context of life on Earth. You live a lifetime on Earth let’s say 90 years. Then you live another lifetime, maybe 39 years. And another lifetime and another until you complete not just one lifetime but 1000 lifetimes of life experience that equates to a single “soul’s journey”.


Each angel level is contracted for a different number of soul journeys. In addition to practical experience during incarnations, there is also academic study and training in the spiritual warrior combat arts. There is also rest and relaxation in between levels. Are you getting this? You are a very, old soul.


1000 lifetimes equal one soulful journey. For example, in this contract for Angel Level 4, a soul will move through three soulful journeys…in addition to education and training in the astral realms.


Are you stretching, a bit? If you are an Angel Level 4, Angel Level 10 or Angel Level 12 or higher, you are a very, old soul. You have lived countless lifetimes in many situations and on many different planets.


If you are an Angel Level 1, you are a new soul. You could be on your first or second soulful journey. If you are an Angel Level 4 you are reaching the middle of the angel education training, but you have still not earned your wings. Angel Level 10 and 12 and the Master Levels all have earned their wings.


Stay tune, in the next four blogs Raven covers how the goals of each Angel and Master Level are different.


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