How Raven Became Psychic - Part 1


People often ask me, “How did you become psychic?” “What are your psychic powers?” Does everybody have the ability to become psychic?” “How do I become aware of the spirit world?”


In each of my books, I give a little bit of my psychic development story in the introduction. I am best known for the title, “100 Chakra System, An Introduction to Negative Energy Release Work” and “3 Pendulum Languages, Contact Your Angelic Team, Pendulum on the Hand and Charts and Maps”.


I developed my psychic abilities over time. The main reason I have grown in psychic development is my deep curiosity of the spiritual world. The other reason is my deep devotional practices to Divine Source. Psychic development has developed through a process I call “discovery”. Discovery is starting a communication with your angelic team for the purpose of health and healing. I learned to ask my angelic team the right questions in relationship to my spiritual development. I invested time in the relationship with my team. As the years went on, I grew in psychic development.


At 18, I was interested in hatha yoga as a body movement exercise. I practiced different styles of hatha yoga for seven years, and at age 25, I was introduced to the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda. My spiritual practice developed as I became interested in yoga philosophy and meditation.


I was blessed with a job at a part-time new age bookstore. For three years I was exposed to all kinds of interesting information regarding astrology, numerology, religious studies, alien contact, channeling, prophecies and all of the subjects you might find in a new age library. 


I was open-minded and curious. I read the books and I practice different techniques that I read about. I practice automatic writing. I would sit at the computer, close my eyes and allow words to come to me and pass through my fingers and onto the keyboard.


I practiced pendulum and muscle testing. I learned several different techniques for asking my angel team yes and no questions. I studied books on astrology and numerology. I became skilled at understanding stars and number patterns.  I bought Oracle cards and enjoyed flipping the cards. I noticed, I would get the same cards over and over creating an undeniable message. Angel signs like repeating numbers were appearing. I noticed the signs and knew it was beyond coincidence and meaningful to me.


Then I went to graduate school to study psychology. At the time, I spent more time reading textbooks and learning the clinical practice of psychology, than studying the subjects I was passionate about. But now I see that my angels were preparing a way for me to be a stronger healer.


After graduate school, I went right back to my passion. I studied spiritual hypnosis and past life regression hypnosis therapy. I took all my notes for the 100 Chakra System book using the pendulum and working with my angelic team to understand what was occurring during the energy healing portion of my practice. I worked diligently at psychic development for another five years. Then a dramatic experience occurred.


In 2014, I had an operation. As I was recovering on the couch, I pulled out the pendulum to ask questions.  A voice said to me, “Put the pendulum down. We can talk to you now. You have been adjusted.” My years of diligent study of intuitive healing arts reached a new development. I was adjusted psychically and there was no looking back my life was changed forever.


For more information on how to communicate with your angelic team check out Raven’s book, “3 Pendulum Languages, How to Contact your Angelic Team, Pendulum on the Hand and Charts and Maps, or check out “100 Chakra System, An Introduction to Negative Energy Release Work.”


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