How Raven Became Psychic - Part 2


For seven years, I had developed a language to speak to my angelic team using a divination tool, the pendulum. After years of dedication to growth on my spiritual path, something sudden and profound occurred.  


In 2014, I had an operation. As I was recovering on the couch, I pulled out the pendulum to ask questions.  A voice said to me, “Put the pendulum down. We can talk to you now. You have been adjusted.” My years of diligent study of intuitive healing arts reached a new development. I was adjusted psychically and there was no looking back, my life was changed forever. I was completely clairaudient, clairvoyant and clairsentient.  


I was told I would develop a new teaching called the “100 Chakra System” and expand concepts in yoga philosophy. “100 Chakra System” expands the understanding of the chakra system. The 7 Primary Chakras in the body represent our daily life and the state of our present moment of consciousness. Higher Chakras and Ascended Chakras represent your soulful past. These chakras represent our subconscious. These chakras can be blocked by karmic residue produced by trauma, in our current life and in our past lives.


Energy healing removes blocks of trauma that are stored in these Higher and Ascending Chakras. As blocks are removed during energy clearing the chakras hollow out. Heavy energy is removed, and the chakras become full of white light. When all the 100 chakras are open and flowing, you are clear to the 100 Chakra! You have a golden aura! You know how to manifest! You seek to heal yourself and you live life in service to others.


Light is flowing through you and you are in touch with your greatest good. You become a strong healer. As the chakras activate, more intuition comes to you. You experience life deeply. Dream time, astral travel and dreaming have a deeper meaning. You pick up on angel signs. You start to have hints of messages and positive thoughts are coming to you. You have energy to meet the goals of your life purpose, and you get up every day working in that direction.  


I could now feel and see my guidance team as if they were in the room. After years of practicing in the divination arts, I was adjusted and now I would have direct communication.


When this phenomenon first occurred, I was overwhelmed and fascinated. I began a new journey and started riding a roller coaster ride of experience. The details of my personal journey are deserving of a book. In the future, I know I will write about my grand adventures.


For now, I am writing a blog and I wanted to answer the question, “How Raven Became Psychic”. You can see from this story that there are two answers. In part one I give the first answer, it took years of practice, working on my own, to develop my intuition and psychic skills.


The second answer is, when my team wanted to advance me, they advanced me. I was called for a leadership position and to be a teacher to other teachers. My mission advanced and so did my psychic skills.  


Can you develop psychically? The short answer is everybody can develop psychically if they are passionate about it and diligent about spiritual practice. Many people who follow my work are advanced angels. They know they are here on Earth to serve other people and they feel driven to learn how to do the work.


If you want to develop psychic skills or know you are empathic, you probably are an advanced angel or master from the heavenly realms and feel a deep inter calling to have deep, soulful experiences. You may have a strong desire to communicate with your angelic team, and know you get messages. You have been wondering if they are your thoughts or a message from your angelic team.  (In the next six blogs, Raven discusses the topic of advanced angel and master levels.)


If you hear the calling from your angelic team and seek to make a connection, your angels will know and begin to reach out to you. You found this blog, for example. You will start to see angel signs like repeating numbers. You may get intuitive hits to attend workshops or study with a teacher.


Notice the signs and follow your intuition. Your angels are listening and co-creating with you. They are listening to your prayer request and giving you potential visions for your future. Psychic development occurs in Divine timing. The more you are dedicated to your spiritual practice and intention to heal yourself and others, the faster the angels will move you along.  


For more information on how to communicate with your angelic team check out Raven’s book, “3 Pendulum Languages, How to Contact your Angelic Team, Pendulum on the Hand and Charts and Maps, or check out “100 Chakra System, An Introduction to Negative Energy Release Work.”


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