The Chakra System and Energy Body Food Example

The chakra system is invisible and exist in the 5th dimension. Chakras have positive and negative emotional and energetic poles. To see visual illustrations, check out my book 7 Primary Chakra System or the 100 Chakra System at

Yoga teachers and psychics, such as myself and other mystics have written on these magical energetic spinning wheels. These chakras exist throughout the physical body and the seven chakras are the largest energy centers positioned in the spine.

One way to observe the chakra system is to take something that we can easily observe and apply to the chakra system. One aspect of the 3rd dimension that easily translates to the 5th dimension chakra system is food digestion. Our body is our temple and what we put into our body affects our health and how we feel in the emotional body and the energy body.

This concept is well understood and studied by science. There is ample evidence that food digestion relates to energy and emotions. By looking at this well understood 3rd dimensional system we can understand how the chakra system is tied into food science.

Imagine digesting a bowl of organic fruit and compare that to eating a fast-food hamburger. After you eat the bowl of fruit you will notice you still feel light, your energy has increased and psychologically you feel good about eating healthy and may feel motivated to work out or go to yoga class. Now imagine you ate a hamburger with fries at a fast-food restaurant. You notice that you feel tired and heavy, your energy has decreased. You may want to take a nap. You probably do not feel motivated to work-out and you may not feel good about yourself.

In this example of food digestion, it is easy to evaluate your energy levels and your emotional response to food intake. Now consider how our energy body and emotional body have changed in the 5th dimension according to the chakra system.

When we eat an organic bowl of fruit or a fast-food hamburger, our chakra system, our energy body system is affected as well as our bodies. For example, the bowl of fruit has a tremendous amount of life force energy, also known as prana, in it. The prana stimulates all the chakras in the body, increasing the spin of the chakra and increasing our energy and motivation. The hamburger contains processed dead food, lacking prana and therefore our energy is depleted and makes us feel emotionally neutral or depressed.

In this example, we can start to notice the energy body. Our second and third chakras will spin slower as the body is processing the processed food. Psychologically, our lower chakras govern our motivation and our self determination to perform activities like working out or completing tasks. As we start to explore the chakra system, watch how what you eat effects the emotional and energetic poles of the chakras.

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