The Chakra System Exists in the 5th Dimension

If you are interested in the chakra system, energy healing, healing arts, spiritual hypnosis, or past life regression and other new age concepts such as channeling or experiencing the spirit world you are beginning to activate and become aware of higher dimensions.  You are starting the ascension process. In my book “10 Cosmic Dimensions, A Spiritual Guidebook to Ascension” I discuss the concepts of ascension.

The chakra system does not exist in the 3rd dimension, the chakras system resides in the 5th dimension. Chakras have been overlooks by science because these concepts exist in the 5th dimension and are difficult to measure with 3rd dimensional tools.

If you are new to my work, you will notice that I speak of the 3rd dimension, the 5th dimension, the 8th dimension, the 10th dimension, the 22nd dimension, and even higher frequencies above that. You can think of these higher dimensions as radio station frequencies we can tune into. For now, I will just write on the difference between the 3rd dimension and the 5th dimension.

We are tuned into the 3rd dimension because we live here in the physical universe. The 3rd dimension is defined as that which can be observed with our five senses and mind. Science only can measure the matter in the 3rd dimension. Scientist believes in the truth of empirical 3rd dimensional evidence, if you can’t see it or measure it, it does not exist.

The 5th dimension is focused on the astral body and the astral world. The 5th dimension is lighter than the 3rd dimension. As you start the ascension process you become aware of this 5th dimensional realm. This invisible realm, the 5th dimension, exist around in within the 3rd dimension. This dimension is lighter and more subtle than the 3rd dimension. The 5th dimension includes heaven and is the realm where the angels and galactics reside.

In the current New Age literature there is a lot of information on the 3rd dimension and 5th dimension. The Ascension is the concept that some humans are evolving in consciousness, beyond the 3rd dimension to the 5th dimension. Most people are not aware of reality beyond the 3rd dimension, but there is a large group of humans that are advanced and are now incarnating on the Earth that are aware of the 5th dimension.

This explains why some people see ghost or dead people, auric fields, have déjà vu and believe in past lives. Many of us actively work in other dimensions during dreamtime and have developed relationships with our angelic teams or galactics in our region of space.  

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