The Chakra System Regulates Mood and Emotions

The chakra system is a strong factor in the regulation of mood, emotions, and energy levels. Energy healers, spiritual counselors, yoga teachers and reiki healers should learn about the chakra system to assist their clients in personal growth and balance. Learning about the chakra system, helps you to become aware of which chakras are in-balance or out-of-balance. Through the process of energy clearing and meditation, you’ll learn to intentionally open the chakras and release negative energy. You’ll also learn how to balance your chakra system as you move through different situations.

When the seven chakras are open and flowing, one is at optimum. A balanced flow of prana allows you to feel positive energy. You express these positive attitudes in the world and start to fulfill your life’s purpose. When there is a current of positive energy flowing through your body, you have activated pranic energy. Pranic energy is defined as positive creative, life-force energy. When you draw pranic flow into your body, you function at optimum and feel good in your everyday life. The body illuminates with light.

Chakras moves between being in-balance or out-of-balance. To see a list how to tell if your chakra system is in-balance or out-of-balance check out my book the 7 Primary Chakra System, An Illustrated Guide to the Primary 7 Chakras or 100 Chakra System, An Introduction to Negative Energy Release work at

I wanted to provide a book on the seven chakras that was a quick reference visual guide to the energy body. Understanding the meaning of the seven chakras is important, especially if you are interested in energy healing or reiki healing. This allows you to assess the health of the chakras and identify the potential chakra blocks in yourself or of others.

Once you have an idea of imbalance in the energy body, you can perform energy healing to manually adjust the chakra to re-balance. Depending on the stress of your life-style, chakras normally go in and out of balance. Understanding how to manually adjust a chakra allows you to readjust your energy and handle situations better.

Once conscious of the energy body and how to release negative energy from the chakras, you can learn how to not over-react to situations, people and events as they occur in your life. You can join me on You Tube to experience a chakra clearing meditation. My meditations teach you how to open and clear the chakras.

As we move through the meanings of the seven chakras, the chakra charts serve as a visual learning tool. The chakra chart is useful to memorize the names, psychological themes, and positive and negative expressions of each energy center. A few descriptive words are given at the bottom of the chakra charts to help memorize the general theme of the chakra. Understanding the general theme of the chakra allows you to pinpoint where there is emotional pain or an energy block in yourself or your clients.

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