The Chakra System Teaches Self-Actualization and Self-Realization

What is energy and how do we experience it? The energy body is somewhat of a magical concept when we speak of it. The chakra system is a major component of the energy body. The chakras are like the cylinder of the energy body. The cylinder is the power unit of the engine. This is where fuel is burned and converted into mechanical energy that powers the vehicle. The chakras are like the cylinders of the energy body.

 The energy body and emotional body are two systems that are interwoven together through the seven chakras. The physical body and the mental body are also interwoven in the chakra system. The soul body, or Lightbody is different, than the physical, mental, emotional and energy body.  The soul body is tied to the seventh, crown chakra as well as the higher chakras and ascending chakras. This is explained in detail in part one of the book the 100 Chakra System, An Introduction of Negative Energy Release Work.  

In our vernacular, we are aware of the phrase, “body, mind and spirit”. We say in our culture we must improve our body, mind, and spirit, to be the “best version of ourselves”. Abraham Maslow, a prominent American psychologist, wrote about self-actualization. Self- actualized is a psychological term coined by Maslow.

Self-actualization is demonstrated when a person reaches their highest potential. Our culture is aware of improving our body, mind and spirit.  Now we are coming into the consciousness of also including the emotional body and the energy body as aspects of self-actualization. All five of these aspects need to balance to reach one’s highest potential. One way this can be achieved is through studying the chakra system and practicing yoga and energy healing.

Paramahansa Yogananda was one of the first yoga gurus to teach in the United States. He came to Southern California in the 1940s to teach about self-realization. This concept is also related to my book, 100 Chakra System, An Introduction to Negative Energy Release Work. Self-realization is the idea that we can realize god consciousness through the practice of yoga, which includes working with the chakra system. Working with the chakra system is called energy work, energy healing or reiki healing. Yogananda also taught meditation. Meditation is different than energy healing. Meditation is an aspect of yoga in which one experiences stillness and the practice of uplifting your consciousness to feel the presence of God.

The body, mind, spirit and your energy and emotions are all tied into the chakra system. The chakra system gives a map of how to self-actualize and become self-realized. What I say is this, “when all seven chakras are opened and flowing you are experiencing optimal health”. You are on the path to being the best version of yourself, to achieving your greatest potential, manifesting your heart’s desire and understanding your soul’s higher purpose.

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