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What is Chakra Healing? - Complete Beginner's Guide

Chakra healing is an activity you perform that is focused on opening and clearing your chakras. Chakra healing represents activities that keep your body healthy through physical activity and energy work. Energy work is often performed through guided meditation or a variety of methods that engage prana or life force to illuminate the body with light.


Seven Primary Chakras


 Chakras are energy centers located around the body. The seven primary chakras are the largest chakras that are centered along our physical spine, and the seventh chakra is located just above the head.
It can govern health and disease in organs and the limbs. because chakras are connected to the physical body. Chakras also govern our emotions and moods and how much energy and enthusiasm we have. When all seven chakras are open and balanced you are functioning at optimal. You should feel healthy and moving in the direction of your life's purpose.
The 7 Primary Chakras are dynamic. They are moving and expressing themselves all day. The energy body reacts to people and the feeling of our changing environments. The chakra represents a reflection of how you are feeling or functioning in the present moment.


100 Chakra System


 The 7 Primary Chakras govern the present moment and what we are reflecting energetically and emotionally in our lives. In Raven’s work, she defines 100 Chakras, not only including the 7 primary chakras but the higher chakras and ascending chakras. For more information on this check out Raven’s Book, “100 Chakra System”.


Here are 7 Main Chakras For Healing & Balancing


  • Root chakra
  • Sacral chakra
  • Solar plexus chakra
  • Heart chakra
  • Throat chakra
  • Third eye chakra
  • Crown chakra


How to Use Chakra Healing and It’s Benefits


Any physical exercise will open the chakras and will increase your energy.  Raven’s favorite physical exercise is hatha yoga because it was specifically designed to open and balance the chakras.
Energy work represents the concept of connecting to universal flow of energy and drawing it into your body and allowing this frequency to activate and make you feel alive and passionate. It is the practice of illuminating oneself. You have energy and focus on your direction and life purpose.
When you do energy work, your energy centers also known as chakras, open and balance.
This opening allows the release of uncomfortable emotions. Energy work can also heal physical disease, through animating the body with life force energy. Reiki, pranic energy or white light energy known as life force energy. This positive energy heals.


How to Start Chakra Healing?


When we practice chakra healing, we are seeking to open and clear all the chakras of negative energies. The chakra system also governs mood and your outlook. You can flush your body with positive energy and rid the energy body of negative charged feelings and emotions. Consequently, this shifts your mood towards the positive.
There are many different techniques for chakra healing. But, Raven Shamballa’s favorite activities for chakra healing are the following.  Lead or follow a guided meditation or spiritual hypnosis which opens the chakras and activates the energy body. Adjust the chakras through using a pendulum or through crystal healing, while the client is lying on a table or bed and relaxing deeply. Finally, there is practicing hatha yoga as an energy body practice.
In addition, for more information on the chakras check out Raven’s book, “The 100 Chakra System”, or join Raven on a webinar or meditation.