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Raven Shamballa is a new age guru and psychic medium offering different types of spiritual readings in various price ranges. Whatever your reasons for seeking intuitive guidance may be, Raven’s private psychic reading/energetic healing sessions are guaranteed to help bring clarity.

Keep reading to learn more about Raven and the different types of spiritual readings she offers her private clients..

What Is a Psychic Medium?

Psychic mediums communicate with or channel spirit energy to learn about the past, present and future. They are capable of zeroing in on their clients’ chakras to gain insight into the negative energy blockages preventing them from living the life they are destined to live and ascending to higher levels of consciousness.

It is important to differentiate between psychics and psychic mediums, despite the differences being subtle. A psychic relies on what you might call a sixth sense to provide intuitive guidance, whereas a psychic medium channels her intuitive guidance from a spirit or angelic team outside herself.

While modern times have many turning to psychic mediums for relationship help, utilizing them in only this area of their life would be a mistake. Consulting with a psychic medium regularly through intuitive reading and energy cleansing sessions can dramatically improve your physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing as well as get you on the path to fulfilling your life purpose.

What Makes Raven’s Gifts as a Psychic Medium Unique?

Many psychic mediums have devoted their entire lives to developing their intuitive gifts. Raven had been on that path as well, devoting years of study to new age divination tools, such as tarot cards and pendulums; however, in 2014, Raven went into surgery to awake a full-blown psychic medium with a miraculous ability to channel the Heavenly Realms.
Now, without having to enter into a trance or use divination tools. Raven can provide insightful and accurate private psychic readings on demand.

What Is an Intuitive Reading?

An intuitive reading is a broad term referring to a private session between a psychic or psychic medium and their client, who is seeking intuitive guidance. While every psychic or psychic medium will have a different approach for acquiring insight, a common thread uniting such healers is the special attunement they have to the energy of individuals and the collective consciousness.

While many seek an intuitive reading or spiritual reading for guidance with a specific challenge in their life, others seek an intuitive reading or spiritual reading to gain clarity about their life purpose. There are no hard or fast rules for who should get private clairvoyant reading, as virtually everyone can benefit from one.

What Is Energy Healing / Energy Cleansing?

Energy healing goes by many different names, including energy cleansing, energy clearing, chakra healing, chakra clearing, subtle energy clearing, aura healing, aura clearing, negative energy release, and negative energy clearing. Ultimately, the purpose of all of these is the same: to remove energetic blockages so lower-vibrational energy can be transformed into higher-vibrational energy to help you ascend.

By now, you are probably aware that everything is energy. By extension, everything also has a vibration. When you are content, attuned to your higher self and living authentically, you are said to be vibrating on a higher frequency. When you are depressed or anxious, lacking purpose in life and experiencing relationship issues, you are assumed to be vibrating at a lower frequency.

Fortunately, with consistent negative energy release work, even persons who are thought to be vibrating at a lower frequency can reach and remain in higher-vibrational states. It is not uncommon for the effects of negative energy clearings to be felt after just one session.

What Makes Raven’s Negative Energy Clearings Unique?

Raven’s energy healing sessions, which are included with some of her private psychic readings, will leave you feeling like a weight has been lifted. Because of their power and immense healing potential, regular energy cleansing sessions can accelerate your path to ascension, clear mental illness and physical concerns.

Before Raven happened upon her psychic gifts, she had obtained a master’s degree in counseling and practiced for 15 years as a full-time marriage and family therapist. For over 25 years, she had worked as a Master Energy Healer, spiritual counselor and senior yoga instructor. Because of her versatile professional and spiritual experiences, she has a unique perspective and treatment approach to psychological disorders — such as depression, anxiety and panic attacks. Her philosophy centers on the notion that the first step to healing most psychological ailments is to clear negative energy from the chakra system.

Raven is a skilled listener who can pinpoint exactly where in the chakra system blockages exist by what you express to her during your spiritual reading. Making her energy clearings even more potent, she works hand-in-hand with an angelic group known as The Guardians to cleanse negative energy from the energy body.

Raven’s breadth of experience in working with psychological disorders enabled her to invent an effective cutting-edge style of deep trance guided meditation to remove negative energy called Negative Energy Release Work (NERW), which she describes in detail in her book 100 Chakra System. Raven has used her signature energy healing system to help countless clients overcome psychological and spiritual challenges.

 FAQs About Private Psychic Readings and Energy Clearings

Raven’s private spiritual readings and energy clearings are some of the most popular services she offers. While she leads group-oriented trainings, workshops and events as well, she recommends for everyone who resonates with her teachings and work to schedule a private psychic reading/energy healing session with her. Anyone who is open to cleansing bad energy and receiving intuitive guidance is sure to benefit from these one-of-a-kind psychic readings.

To address any technical questions you may have about Raven’s spiritual readings and energy cleansing sessions, we created an FAQ section. If your question is not answered here, don’t hesitate to reach out by filling out the contact form on the homepage.

What Is Raven’s Availability for Psychic Readings Online and Psychic Phone Readings?

Because Raven spends most of her time traveling and writing, her availability for private spiritual readings online and via phone call is limited. She typically schedules her private psychic readings for weekends, although if she is participating in any in-person conferences, events, retreats or workshops, she will refrain from giving private psychic readings during that time.

Please keep in mind that Raven has a waitlist for private psychic readings so it can take anywhere from two to three weeks from the time you schedule to receive your psychic reading. Additionally, since Raven tends to be on the move, her access to WIFI is inconsistent. As a result, private spiritual readings online via Zoom are not always guaranteed, but psychic phone readings are. Plus, if you are in need of immediate intuitive guidance, Raven can get a psychic phone reading added to her schedule faster than she can add a psychic reading via Zoom.

Am I Permitted to Record My Private Spiritual Reading With Raven?

Yes, you are permitted to record your private spiritual reading with Raven; however, Raven does not take responsibility for recording psychic readings online via Zoom or psychic phone readings.

Please keep in mind that Raven has a full schedule; therefore, she will need to start the psychic reading at the scheduled time. If you would like to record your private spiritual reading, please make arrangements prior to your appointment with Raven. If your intuitive reading is taking place via Zoom, Raven can make you the host of the meeting, which would enable you to record the call from your personal computer. If your intuitive reading is taking place over the phone, there are a number of voice-recording apps you can download prior to your call with Raven to record the session.

If technology is difficult for you to navigate, Raven is able to record the private psychic reading on your behalf for a fee of $30.

Can I Have My Private Psychic Reading in a Language Other Than English?

While Raven only speaks English, she allows for her non-English-speaking clients to have interpreters join the phone call. Please notify her in advance if you plan to use an interpreter.

Keep in mind that working with an interpreter does usually require additional time. From Raven’s experience, a 2-hour phone call is likely to turn into a 3-hour phone call with an interpreter on the line. If such delays occur and the call surpasses 2 hours, Raven will have to charge an extra $100 per hour.

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Are you looking to develop your intuitive abilities? Are you feeling stuck on autopilot? Are you depressed or anxious? Do you run into the same relationship problems time and time again?

If you are facing psychological or spiritual challenges, you are likely to benefit from the intuitive guidance and negative energy clearings Raven can provide during her private psychic readings. A private spiritual reading with Raven can not only help you overcome the trauma that is holding you back in life but it can accelerate your path to ascension. Raven’s schedule is filling up fast so don’t wait to schedule your private psychic reading with Raven. 

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