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Communicate with your white light angels on a cloud.

Learn how to use the pendulum as a divination tool to contact your angelic team. Learn the names of your angels.  Spiritual channeling improves with practice. Advance your knowledge of this divination healing art. Go beyond pendulum yes and no questions to explore a new level of communication. Receive information from your angels with new health and healing pendulum charts.


Blank pendulum charts are in the book and a blank pendulum chart pdf can be found here (

Black and white pendulum charts are given in the book and color pendulum chart pdfs can be found here (

Find angels on a cloud pendulum charts here

Reader's Review

"There is a lot of knowledge and experience put into the pages of this book and it shows! The visual elements and charts in this book are beautiful. As a beginner this book was really helpful and reads well. I found it to be a convenient go to guide! Excellent job with this!"


"I just received my pendulum book and am so impressed with all the beautiful full color pages ❤️. I have one daughter graduating from college, and the other one graduating from high school next month. Both of them have been asking about using pendulums. I believe this to be the perfect gift for them to start their amazing journey into this world. 💫"