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If you are feeling stagnated in your life because of a lack of life purpose or mental health issues, or you are seeking to expand your consciousness, you have come to the best online metaphysical store for your needs.

 Raven Shamballa’s metaphysical shop is where you can find the tools to accelerate your spiritual healing journey and ascension. This versatile spiritual store offers guided meditations, new age books, spiritual charts and more.

 Regardless of whether you are new to spirituality and guided meditation or already have substantial experience with both, you will benefit from the offerings of Raven’s new age shop. Raven’s new age shop online offers spiritual experiences for every budget. 

Why Should I Shop at Raven’s Spiritual Store?

In 2014, Raven awoke from surgery to find that she had become completely psychic. Since then, she has been channeling the heavenly realms to help those who are on the path to ascension or simply in need of spiritual guidance.

 Because Raven is in regular communication with the Ascended Masters, Guardians and other heavenly entities, everything in Raven’s new age shop — from her guided meditations to her books — is inspired by the divine.

Before Raven came upon her psychic gifts, she had been working as a marriage and family therapist. Her experiences while in this role made her particularly adept at finding the root of lingering mental health issues. She uses the knowledge she obtained along with guidance from the heavenly realms to craft each and every guided meditation she offers.

Many of Raven’s followers report experiencing tangible shifts and transformations after trying her online meditations and applying what they have learned from her books to real life. Raven’s spiritual gifts allow her to attune to the collective consciousness to determine in what areas people are suffering physically, emotionally and psychologically. She then creates various guided meditations for her online metaphysical store to address these issues.

Raven’s new age shop has something for everyone. For anyone who is interested in Raven and her teachings, Raven recommends purchasing a combination of guided meditations and books to get a feel for her spiritual philosophy and who she is as a spiritual guru

What Kinds of Products Does Raven’s Metaphysical Shop Sell?

Raven’s new age shop offerings consist of guided meditation audio recordings, books and spiritual charts. Her spiritual shop offerings cover a wide range of topics and interests.

Raven’s new age shop is regularly updated with her latest guided meditations, books and charts. While Raven’s online metaphysical store occasionally sells physical items, such as crystals, pendulums and altar tools, they are not always in stock. Be sure to check back regularly to stay up to date on Raven’s newest offerings in online meditation and books. 

Metaphysical Shop Offerings

Raven’s new age online store offers a variety of guided meditations, books and charts that can help you on your journey of self-healing and ascension. They are the ideal way for anyone who is new to Raven and her spiritual teachings to get a feel for whether they want to schedule a private psychic reading with Raven or attend one of her spiritual events

While Raven’s work is spiritual in nature, you do not have to be spiritual to benefit from it. For example, Raven offers guided meditations in her online esoteric shop for everyday problems, such as low self-esteem and anxiety, that most people experience at some point in their lives. Additionally, her spiritual books on the chakra system can serve as self-healing guides for anyone who is feeling emotionally, psychologically or spiritually blocked.

Many of Raven’s followers opt to purchase a combination of guided meditations, books and charts from her new age spiritual store to experience a full spectrum of benefits. 

Have Questions About the Products Offered in This Online Metaphysical Store? Send Me an Inquiry!

Many of the spiritual concepts mentioned on this new age shop’s page may seem foreign to those who have just started their spiritual journeys. If that is the case, do not fret. Raven and her team are standing by to answer any questions you may have about the offerings of this online esoteric shop. 

Raven’s Books and Charts 

This new age online store is where you can find Raven Shamballa’s latest books on modern-day spirituality as well as charts to accompany those books. While Raven’s books are certain to appeal to spiritual seekers of every variety, even persons who are not spiritually inclined can benefit from the teachings they contain.

The primary areas of focus discussed in Raven’s books include:

Chakra healing
Astral travel
Spiritual war
Pendulum work

Raven’s books are vibrant and beautifully illustrated. Every page is an opportunity to delve deeper into your spiritual nature. They offer groundbreaking insights and tools to help you along your spiritual path to ascension.

A few of Raven’s books have accompanying charts, which can be purchased from the metaphysical shop separately. While the charts are optional, they can serve as helpful resources on your spiritual healing and ascension journey.

Below you will find a list of Raven’s books along with short summaries of each work. If a book has an accompanying chart, you will also have the option of purchasing that. For more in-depth descriptions, visit Raven’s Spiritual Books page.

Raven’s books can be purchased directly from this new age shop. Most of them are available in both paperback and e-book format. E-books are come from Balboa Press. You may also purchase on Amazon, but Raven make very little money through Amazon.

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