Raven Shamballa is a spiritual counselor, psychic medium, and pranic healer. She has taken formal studies in Psychology and has been in private practice as a counselor for over a decade.

Raven’s psychic reading comes from the Heavenly Light Realms. She can channel her White Light team as well as the White Light Masters of her clients.

Raven Shamballa combines her unique set of skills in counseling, hypnosis, Negative Energy Release Work (NERW), meditation, and psychic mediumship to offer a fast track to healing, feeling optimal, and achieving higher states of consciousness.

Raven can also clear lost souls (earthbound spirits) and dark astral energy (negative spirits) from a person’s auric field and from their homes. She can channel departed loved one that has crossed over or are Earth-bound. Raven can speak with Galactics. She helps Lightworkers and Starseed to understand their galactic origins and what they are experiencing.

Psychic Readings via Phone, Skype, In-Person

  • Find out the total number of Angels and Masters on your personal team

  • Discover your Life Purpose

  • Learn how many past lives you have lived on Earth and other planets

  • Learn how many past lives you have had with another person and how it is affecting you at present

  • Receive information on your galactic origins

Raven as a Powerful Healer

  • Raven’s sessions provide instant relief from emotional discomfort

  • After experiencing Negative Energy Release Work and meditation, clients feel much better at the end of each session

  • Clients can release crisis energy immediately, and re-ground and center to handle the situation better

  • Asks her Angels as well as the client’s Angels for clarification on issues

  • Helps people gain insight through revealing past lives and how they connect to current life issues

  • Helps identify false, underlying beliefs that are unconscious to the client

  • Clears symptoms of tension, stress, anger, trauma, and sadness without bringing painful memories forward

  • Removes deep-seated negative energy, buried deep in the chakras

  • Aids clients in recovering from bad breakups that may be lingering

  • Clears uncomfortable childhood experiences

  • Support clients with uncomfortable change and transition

  • Connects clients to their departed loved ones, facilitate closure and receive answers to questions during time of grief

Raven advances clients’ concepts of spirituality
and expands their personal potential by

  • Assisting clients in advancing their consciousness to the next level and connecting with the Divine Source and their personal angelic team

  • Coaching psychic development in adults and children

  • Explaining and demystifying 5th dimensional consciousness

  • Using hypnosis to assist clients with their astral travel, past life regression, meeting their angels, and connecting to their higher self

  • Helping clients to meet their goals, clear obstacles, and be the best person they can be

  • Teaching clients how to meditate and learn their own unique coping skills for staying healthy, and leading a happy and relaxed life


How long does it usually take to resolve underlying issues like anger problems, clearing childhood traumas, resolving feelings of sadness, or other emotional hurts?
What is Raven's opinion on psychotropic drugs (drugs for depression and anxiety and other mental illness)?
I've heard that Raven works with children. What is the age range? What do you mean by the phrase psychic children?
My loved one departed from the Earth and I have unresolved questions. Can Raven contact them?
I'm dealing with a bad breakup. The relationship ended years ago, and I still think of the person. Can I really get over it? 
I feel sad, but I don't know why. I can't pinpoint why I feel the way I do. Can Raven help me?
Lately I've been feeling disconnected from God / the universe / Divine source. I don't feel comfortable going to church, but I feel like I'm a spiritual person. Can I feel connected and joyful again?
Meditation feel so hard. I want to meditate but find it impossible to turn off my mind / thoughts. Can Raven teach me how to do this?

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