Raven Shamballa is a spiritual counselor, psychic medium and pranic healer. Her psychic reading come from the Heavenly Light Realms. Raven can channel her White Light Masters and also the White Light Masters of her clients. Energy Work is performed during meditation via phone, skype or in person for healing.

Raven can clear lost souls (earth bound spirits) or dark astral energy (negative spirits) from a person’s auric field and from their homes. She can channel departed loved one that have crossed over or are Earth bound. Raven can speak with Galactics.She helps those Lightworkers and Starseed to understand their galactic origins and what they are experiencing.

Psychic Readings via Phone, Skype, In-Person

Angel and White Light Master Readings

  • The total number of Angels and Masters on your teams

  • Their specialties and what they want to teach you

  • How many Angels and Masters are in your auric/etheric field or chakra system

Past Life Reading

  • How many past lives you have lived on Earth, and how many were positive or negative

  • The date you were born

  • If you were male or female

  • How many past life you have had with another person

Lost Soul, Fragments and Negative Energy Clearing

  • Assess if you are holding lost souls or energy fragments in your auric field and then clear it.

  • Assess if there is negative energy in your work or home environment and clear it.

  • Assess if there is negative energy in your chakra system and clear it.

Galactic Readings

  • Information on your galactic origins

  • Two messages from the galactic light beings who are working with you


  • $125 for 1 hour
  • $140 for 1.5 hours
  • $549 for 6 sessions 1.5 hours each
  • Sliding scale by request
  • Payments through paypal: contact@ravenlightbody.com

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