Raven is an holistic coach, energy healer, hypnotherapist, psychic medium, and yoga and meditation teacher. All of her psychic readings come from her angels, masters, and galactic light beings, all of whom are connected to Divine Source.

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In 2010, Raven developed a form of energy healing she calls Negative Energy Release Work, this intuitive healing art allow one to clear emotional distress. Depression, Anxiety and Panic Attacks clear in a few sessions.

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Raven combines her unique set of skills in counseling, hypnosis, Negative Energy Release Work (NERW), meditation, and psychic mediumship, to offer a fast track to healing, feeling optimal, and achieving higher states of consciousness.

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Hypnosis and Past Life Regression are powerful tools for transformation. Quantum Healing Hyposis Techique (QHHT) is a profound healing experience which allows your higher self to come forward. Other hyponsis techniques are offered as well.

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Raven Shamballa is a gifted psychic that channels the Heavens including White Light Masters, Lords, galactics and God. After a surgery she awoke to find she was able to communicate with light beings. She works directly with Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha and other Lords of Love and Light to channel information and compose sacred knowledge. She is medium that communicates with souls crossed over or earth bound. In time she came into relationship with All or God, whom she calls Allie. 

After a second psychic awakening Raven was visited by Jesus who asked her to take a lead position on his personal team of light warriors to lead an offensive against the dark astrals to take back Earth. The second coming had started and she would participate in astral spiritual battles. Raven's ability to heal was enhanced. She prays for Gia's transformation to be restored to her pristine state.

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