Did you know humans have 100 chakras?

Raven introduces the revolutionary concept that people have 100 chakras. Expand your knowledge of the chakra system, in this easy to read book about energy healing.

This book offers a self-healing program to clear the chakra system of negative energy. Concepts like spiritual hypnosis and deep trance meditation are explored. Chakra clearing creates balance. Reiki healers can learn more about types of negative energy and how to release negative energy from the chakra system.

Reiki healers can expand their practice for more effective chakra clearing with clients. The seven chakras as well as the entire 100 chakra system are detailed with color illustrations to learn pranic energy healing which is related to reiki energy healing. Explore deep trance meditation and spiritual hypnosis with free YouTube program.

Learn why past life regression and spiritual hypnosis are important to activating the100 chakra system.

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Want to learn Energy Healing?

Start by learning the seven chakras.

Chakra Charts help you understand the crystal magic of the seven chakras.

Learn about crystal healing and which essential oils to use with the seven chakras.

Chakra illustrations teach chakra energy healing. Quickly learn chakra emotions and chakra energies. Find out the health of your chakras? Learn to release negative energy and balance the chakra system by learning about the seven chakras.

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Communicate with your white light angels on a cloud. Learn how to use the pendulum as a divination tool to contact your angelic team. Learn the names of your angels. Spiritual channeling improves with practice. Advance your knowledge of this divination healing art. Go beyond pendulum yes and no questions to explore a new level of communication. Receive information from your angels with new health and healing pendulum charts.

Blank pendulum charts are in the book and a blank pendulum chart pdf can be found here. Black and white pendulum charts are given in the book and color pendulum chart pdfs can be found here Find angels on a cloud pendulum charts here.

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Ascension is helping humans to evolve in dimensional consciousness. Ascension is the process of growing in spiritual consciousness. Learn how to ascend beyond the 5th dimensions.

Raven reveals hidden truths and brings forward information on life between lives, the astral realms and how karma effects our path in life. Understand how you can grow to the next level of ascension.

Learn about spiritual ascension in this easy to read book. As you ascend your psychic medium skills will improve.

This book gives a spiritual teaching that belongs in your healing arts library.

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Work with Raven Privately or in Groups.

Raven combines her unique set of skills in spiritual counseling, hypnosis, Negative Energy Release Work (NERW), meditation, and psychic mediumship, offering a fast track to healing, feeling optimal, and achieving higher states of consciousness.

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Raven Shamballa, is a gifted spiritual counselor and master energy healer. She is a psychic medium and has a master’s degree in counseling. She is formerly a Marriage and Family Therapist for over 12 years in California and has authored four books on the topic of metaphysics and energy healing. For many years Raven used the pendulum to read chakras and learned how to balance the energy and emotional body of her clients.

In 2014, Raven, awoke from a surgery to find that she was psychic and could communicate directly with her angelic team. She was told to put the pendulum down and that she would receive direct communication from the Light Realms. Her skills advanced and she was told she would write books and assist Lightworkers to become healers and have stronger communication with their angelic teams.

Raven can read the energy body and uses deep trance meditation to clear psychological issues. She calls her technique Negative Energy Release Work. Clients move through talk therapy and then relax to experience this deep trance meditation style which clears trauma energies and releases negative energies that cause depression and anxiety.

Raven is called to share her knowledge and start teaching about Energy Healing. She holds private sessions and on-line group classes for those that want to clear themselves and keep their energy body balanced. She teaches psychic development and the principles of her work at in-person workshops located in the United States, for more information see her Facebook event page for her travel schedule.


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