dowsing pendulum


Curious to know the use of our pendulum charts?


As you progress on the path of Ascension you will find you are becoming more psychic. You will start to receive number signs, messages, and other indicators that your angels are trying to reach out to you. Now you can communicate directly with your angelic team by using the pendulum to communicate. If you want more information on how to use the pendulum for white light communication with your heavenly team, check out Raven’s book “3 Pendulum Languages”


Using pendulum charts is usually a first step in developing your skills. Raven goes beyond Yes, No, Maybe charts. You can find the categories of charts in the online store or if you want all the colorful pendulum charts in one place you can order the “Pendulum Charts” book from your local bookstore or on-line book retailer. Because this Pendulum Charts book gives you ideas about how to communicate with your angels to assist you in developing your divination and channeling skills.


The pendulum is considered training wheels for deeper development with your angels. So, if you can master this tool, you are on your way to developing the following abilities:


If you still want more practice and training, check out Raven’s meditations, or online workshops