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  • The Soul's Journey and How It is Designed
  • The Wheel of Karma and How to Clear Your Karma
  • The Origins of the Volunteers and Starseeds
  • Psychic Gifts and Attuning to Your Angels

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As one ascends beyond the 5th dimension, spiritual gifts activate. Humans are healed on all levels of their being. We develop a multi-dimensional perceptive. Raven Shamballa is a spiritual counselor who channels White Light Masters, Jesus Christ, Muhammad, Buddha and God. She also channels galactics works with star seeds to ascend the human race.Through asking questions Raven brings forward information on the soul's journey, life between lives, the Light Realms and the effect of karma as we progress.

Raven is a spiritual counselor, pranic healer and medium. She has been a yoga teacher for 25 years. After an operation she awoke to find that she was able to communicate directly with the Light Realms. She was given a mission to help people awaken to their spiritual potential.

Readings are available by phone or Skype. please text to 760-750-0844

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