Options for Private Spiritual Readings

Raven Shamballa is a new age guru and psychic medium offering different types of spiritual readings in various price ranges. Whatever your reasons for seeking intuitive guidance may be, Raven’s private psychic reading/energetic healing sessions are guaranteed to help bring clarity.

Keep reading to learn more about Raven and the different types of spiritual readings she offers her private clients.

What Makes Raven’s Private Intuitive Readings Unique?

A private intuitive energy reading with Raven is a powerful event that has the capacity to accelerate the ascension process and bring about dramatic shifts in consciousness. Why are Raven’s private psychic readings so impactful?

When Raven gives a spiritual reading, you are not just communicating with her but with the Heavenly Realms as well. As a psychic medium, Raven can channel 10 Ascended Masters and speak directly with your personal angelic team to gain insight into where the blockages are within your 100 chakra system.

While Raven tailors her private intuitive readings to the specific needs and challenges of each client, almost all of her spiritual readings will consist of a few basic elements. First, she will help you understand your soulful age. Next, she will get in touch with your personal angelic team to shed light on your life purpose. Finally, since Raven is a psychic medium, if loved ones have passed on or are Earthbound, she can make contact with them to help them cross over.

Another essential element of Raven’s private sessions are past life readings. If you have recurring familial or relationship issues, a past life reading can allow you to view the issue from a different perspective.

Since Raven’s psychic readings are so powerful, it is possible for negative energy blockages to come to the surface during these sessions. To ensure this negative energy is released, some private readings also include a potent energy clearing meditation.

What Are My Options for Scheduling a Private Spiritual Reading With Raven?

Raven is currently offering psychic readings online via Zoom or psychic phone readings. When she travels she offers in-person reading. To accommodate the varying budgets and needs of her clients, Raven provides the following types of private spiritual readings:

  • Private psychic reading online via Zoom or via phone call and energy clearing — 2 hours
  • Private psychic reading OR energy clearing online via Zoom or via phone call - 1 hours

Keep reading to learn which of Raven’s spiritual reading options best aligns with your needs.

2-Hour Psychic Reading and Energy Clearing 

What’s Included: 60-90 minutes live psychic reading in interview format + 30-60 minutes energy clearing

cost-$300 for 2 hour session


Raven makes special accommodations for the hearing impaired, offering a 1-hour private psychic reading for $150.

If you are seeking a major energetic shift or have deep-rooted psychological issues to work through, you will benefit from Raven’s 2-hour psychic reading and energy clearing. During these private sessions, you will work one on one with Raven to pinpoint the root of your problems and clear the energy that is causing them. It is not unusual for Raven’s clients to emerge from these spiritual readings with a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm for life.

Upon making your reservation for a psychic reading online or psychic phone reading with Raven, you will be asked to pay 50% of the session cost, or $150, up front. This amount is nonrefundable, meaning that if you miss the appointment or need to reschedule, you will not be refunded the upfront payment of $150. The remaining 50% of the cost is due at the end of the psychic reading session. Because of her busy travel schedule, Raven sometimes needs to reschedule private psychic readings. If this happens, Raven can either issue a refund of your upfront cost or carry over your deposit.

While most of Raven’s private psychic readings fit comfortably inside a 2-hour window, longer sessions may be required by clients with complex issues, which is why Raven schedules all private psychic readings for 3 hours. If your session surpasses the 2-hour mark, Raven will charge an additional $100 per hour.

Prior to your private psychic reading session, Raven will email you an audio recording in which she discusses your soulful age. She recommends listening to this recording and absorbing the information contained in it before meeting with her in order to save time during your live session. Or listen to the Audio here

During your private psychic reading, Raven will spend the first 60 to 90 minutes answering any questions you have. Perhaps you want a past life reading to shed light on recurring problems in your relationships. Perhaps you want to know more about your karma. Perhaps you want to better understand your life purpose. Whatever spiritual questions you have lingering on your mind, this will be your opportunity to ask them.

Raven will conclude the interview portion of the intuitive reading by inquiring about your goals. For example, many of Raven’s clients sought her help in developing their psychic abilities. Others have come to her to heal their depression or anxiety. Once Raven understands what you are hoping to achieve through your work with her, she will begin the energy clearing/chakra healing process. By the end of your spiritual reading, you will have a clear idea of the negative energy release work you need to complete to achieve your goals.

1 Hour Psychic Reading or Energy Clearing

What’s Included: 1 hour psychic reading or energy clearing

If you are new to psychic medium Raven Shamballa, a 1-hour private spiritual reading or energy clearing is a good way to get acquainted with her intuitive style and philosophy.

In a 1- hour session, Raven can either answer your pressing questions or work to clear your energy body during a deep trance meditation. If you would like both services, you should sign up for the 2 hours. Especially on an initial session. 

During the psychic reading, Raven will not only reveal to you the answers to your questions, your soulful age and the number of angels on your team, but she will also channel a message directly from your angelic team. If you have been seeking to develop a closer relationship with your spirit guides and angels, this psychic reading from Raven offers a great place to start.

Energy clearing of the 100 or more chakras is a different service. During energy clearing we are working on shifting mood and intense feelings around a situation. We are also working on removing subconscious negative energies and negative thought patterns. Through energy healing people can reduce mental health issues and heal physical issues you are working through.

If you are more advanced, we can work toward a full clear of the 100 or more chakras and an increase to your psychic skills. This will quicken the ascension journey.

How Can I Maintain the Positive Effects of the Psychic Readings and Energy Clearings?

While a single psychic reading and energy clearing session will bring noticeable benefits, it is crucial to continue with your negative energy release work to maintain the positive effects of the initial session.

Perhaps your goal is to be an energy healer, which requires you to do more work to heal yourself. Perhaps you have no direction in life whatsoever. Or, perhaps your mental health problems are so severe that multiple energy clearing sessions are needed to rid the chakra system of negative energy.

If you have lofty spiritual goals or are going through a particularly hard time in life, it is possible you will need multiple negative energy clearings. Below are some options for continuing your energy cleansing protocol.

Ongoing Negative Energy Clearings With Raven

Cost: $150 a session – 1 hour 


If you have already had a 2-hour private psychic reading and energy clearing with Raven and felt noticeable improvements in your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, you are likely to benefit from additional energy clearing sessions.

Don’t let the improvements you experienced from your initial energy clearing session fade away; with continued negative energy clearing, you can effortlessly maintain the positive changes you felt as you navigate your day-to-day life.

Ongoing Negative Energy Clearings With Raven’s Apprentices

What’s Included: 4 additional energy clearings — 1.5 hours each

Cost: $360 total

If you have budgetary concerns, you can maintain the positive effects of your initial energy clearing session with Raven by continuing to clear negative energy and work on your goals with her apprentices for a lesser cost.

Raven’s apprentices have been working with Raven firsthand to learn the ins and outs of negative energy release work. They are skilled at pinpointing the source of negative energy blockages and clearing them. While Raven will not be directly involved in energy clearing sessions with apprentices, she does work closely with all of her apprentices and consults with them regularly.

Ongoing Monthly Energy Clearing Program

What’s Included: 1 live energy clearing via Zoom (video recording also sent via email) + 2 distance healings a month

Cost: $20/session with autopay or $30/session with one-time payments


Energy clearing is not intended to be a one-time event; it is an ongoing practice. Once you understand what it means to feel balanced, you want to keep that positive flow of energy. This can be challenging if you are dealing with difficult life situations or clearing trauma. For example, if psychic development is one of your goals, it will take time and many energy clearing sessions to remove all the negative energy from the Ascending Chakras.

To make it easier for her students to reap the benefits of negative energy clearings, Raven offers an affordable energy clearing program that takes place once a month. These sessions include a live energy clearing via Zoom (with the recorded session also emailed to all attendees) and 2 distance healings by the Ascended Masters, which have been known to accelerate the path to ascension.

Thank you for viewing the Raven Shamballa website. Contact Raven if you have any questions at ravenlightbody@gmail.com. All pictures and text on the website is copyrighted by Raven Shamballa.  

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