Spiritual Battle: Understand Viewpoint, and Why it Matters

The physical universe is very connected to the astral universes. Humans have a limited capacity to experience astral realms. For the most part, we are aware of our own existence and the lightbody realms, also known as the heavenly realms.

In New Age philosophy the physical universe which we perceive through our five senses has come to be known as the third dimension. The unseen light realms have come to be known as the fifth dimension.

After my operation and near-death experience in 2014, I started to experience many different dimensions beyond just these two dimensions.

The concepts I have just mentioned will be coming forward in my next book entitled “1000 Realms of Light”. From my perspective, there are so many more dimensions than just the 3rd and the 5th dimension.

I am conscious that I reside on several higher frequencies and that each frequency has a different form and structure. And in some dimensions, entities exist only as consciousness.

When I first had my profound psychic shift, I imagined that it was because I was to have a profound healing work on planet Earth. And indeed, that is the case and manifesting now. But what I did not realize was that I was not only called to service humanity and Earth, I was called to fight in a spiritual war that is taking place in the 5D and on higher frequencies that most humans are not even aware of.

This spiritual war is one of the reasons why Earth has gone in the direction of dark vibrations. And of course, the darkest entities are cheating and hitting below the belts.

The chaos and mayhem that is occurring on Earth is directly tied to the spiritual battle on the 5th dimension and even higher frequencies. It is obvious from what is manifesting here on Earth that there is a great imbalance. Many of us who are advanced in the Ascension process are aware that there is a spiritual war in process. Advanced angels are aware that they are battling in dreamtime. I am conscious that I battle not only in dreamtime but in my awake conscious state.

Part of my work as a psychic healer and reader is to be able to validate or help people understand what is going on in dreamtime. Many people wake up tired and don't understand why. Other people have very vivid dreams during dreamtime and they know they are working in other realms.

As I started my own journey as a general in the light army, I became aware that many of us are chosen not only to have a strong spiritual mission in the 3D but also to work in the spiritual battling in the 5D astral realms. My Earth mission started to include helping explain to the Earth Angels why they were incarnated and how important they are as physical spiritual warriors, not only on Earth but in heaven above.

The heavenly realms sent the advanced Angels to incarnate on purpose! It was a strategic move on the part of heaven as we are much more powerful to assist in the spiritual war if we are physically incarnated.

Many advanced angels know they are astral battling. Souls are only awakened to the spiritual battle if they are committed to their spiritual practice and grounded on Earth.

Helping advanced angels understand why they were sent to Earth is one of my areas of focus. Some of us are awoken through a sudden mystical experience. Others of us spend years in spiritual study and find that we have arrived. And it is at that point that we take the next great leap. We are asked to join the spiritual war on other dimensions beyond our own.

I know some of you that are reading this understand what I am talking about. You have understood that something is going on in dreamtime, but you haven't exactly understood what.

The advanced angels are born with the ability to be psychic. This is the reason I teach psychic development and help people develop a relationship with your personal angelic team. If you want to learn more about your adventures, you can practice and learn and see more.

The advanced angels and the archangels that are incarnated in human bodies on our planet right now are not here because they did something wrong or have bad karma. We are here because heaven needs feet on the ground. Heaven knew we would awake and ask the question, what happened last night? And we would be psychic enough to receive communications from our angelic teams.

There are a variety of ways that advanced angels on Earth can assist their astral angelic teams once they wake up.

We can meditate and learn to clear ourselves from negative energy and quickly heal chakra wounds from battle. Heaven knew we could easily restore ourselves and the angels of our team by meditating in the morning.

Heaven knew we would create altars and take tools into dreamtime with us. They knew we would be ascended enough to receive visions and help to restore the other angels on our team.
Heaven knew we would open angel portals on Earth and create doorways for the angels to have easy access to helping the people of the Earth. Yes, the battle is going on in the 5D, but is also happening here on Earth.

I have so much to share with you. I am to lead the lightworker army and awaken the advanced angels to the cause of creating light and moving us into the 5D earth.

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Many blessings on your journey! In all the different dimensions that you travel in. You are so much more than just human.