Group Energy Clearing

    Raven's Membership Program

    Monthly Meditation with Raven Shamballa and Distance Healing

    Format: Live meditation via Zoom* (1-2 hours) + 2 distance healings 

    Frequency: Once monthly

    Price: $20/month with subscription (requires bank account information) or $30/month without subscription

    *You will also receive the recorded meditation session in case you miss the live event.

    Are you in a rut because you don’t know your life purpose? Are you paralyzed by negative thoughts and fear? Have you hit a roadblock on your path to ascension? If so, then it is likely your chakras are blocked, and this online spiritual event is for you.

    Most people are unaware of the fact they need a negative energy clearing from an experienced energy healer who is attuned to them at least once a month to maintain optimal physical, mental and spiritual health. Without it, their negative emotions may start to overwhelm them or weigh them down.

    Raven will start these 1- to 2-hour live sessions (which you will also receive via recording) by attuning the students’ energy to higher frequencies. She then works on clearing the negative energy from their 100 chakra systems to aid and accelerate their ascension process. This deep trance meditation will integrate her clearing work on the students as well as leave them with a deep tranquility and clarity they can take with them as they go about their day. 

    But that’s not all this spiritual course offers. In addition to having access to Raven’s monthly live meditation session via streaming and recorded video, students will also receive two distance healings— which has been known to quickly advance those on the ascension path.

    When a person’s chakras are aligned, they feel optimal and balanced. Raven is confident that if students make it a point to attend this monthly spiritual event, they will improve in every area of their life, from their personal relationships and career to their spiritual development. 

    Regardless of where you are in your journey with spirituality, online courses like this one can provide you with the maintenance your vehicle needs to keep up the progress. This spiritual class is a must-attend for beginner and advanced students alike. Enroll now!

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