Psychic Intuitive, Author, Holistic Coach, Medium, and Energy Healer

Raven has been teaching yoga and meditation for over 20 years. She holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling and specializes in spiritual hypnosis. Raven is a gifted energy healer that helps people recover quickly from lack of purpose, depression, anxiety, and other psychological aliments.

Raven also specializes in conscious transformation and past life readings, clearing the energy body, contacting departed love ones, and working with psychic children. She teaches psychic development to Lightworkers to help them develop spiritual gifts aligned to love light and joy.

Psychic Awakening

In 2014, Raven has undergone a surgery that completely changed her life. During the procedure, she had a near-death experience, went to Heaven, and spoke with her spiritual counsel. She was told that the counsel has decided that she should take instructions and leadership directly from the Heavenly realm rather than through reading books and working with other teachers. She will receive answers to her questions directly from them rather than making assumptions on how to proceed and what to teach.

In 2016, Raven had her second major shift and psychic awakening. To her surprise, she was introduced to twelve Ascended Masters. After years of channeling Angels and White Light Masters, she was told that she was getting a promotion and would work directly with the Ascended Masters, Guardians, and Lords of Karma to assist with the spiritual war that is happening on Earth and in the cosmos.

Energy of the Spheres

For years Raven had work with a team of angels and White Light masters from heavens that assisted her in her hypnosis and energy healing. As her channeling skills improved she found she could use a pendulum for communication and work directed with the heavenly angels to learn new information and skills in counseling, clearing the energy body, pranic healing and mediumship. She gave numerous workshops on how to meet and grow your angelic team, how to use a pendulum to contact white light beings and how to meditate to feel the Ocean of Bliss.

Her angelic team continued to expand. She found she has numerous angels added to her team. These angels and Master gave their names and explored various topics including herbal supplements, cooking, essential oils, art and more. Galactics came forward. She knew them by name and race and was told she would one day channel information for the Galactic Federation of Light, now known as the Alliance.

Everything changed after she received a message from the Jesus. Although Raven had grown up the daughter to Christian ministers, she was not a direct devote of Jesus. In her adult life was more interested in the Indian gurus of the yogic tradition. She took Babaji Krishna as her primary guru. She was also fascinated with angel work and developed that understanding. When Jesus arrived, Raven was surprised and caught off guard. When Raven asked who he was, he stated I am not an angel or a master. I am a Lord. There’s a big difference he said, smiling.

Months before Raven had been writing her book, 10 Cosmic Dimension A Spiritual Guidebook to Ascension. During the writing of the chapter the Volunteer she had been approached by celestial being who revealed himself as God. God stated he want to oversee that chapter specially and would approve the material for public distribution. Although she had been in contact with her Higher Self and God before, that was a significant day, as she spent the entire day channeling God and receiving feedback and answers to questions.

Also during this same time period Raven continued her galactic studies and communications primarily with the Sirians and the Orions. She watched Cosmic Discloser Inside the Secret Space Program, an internet show on the Gaia TV with Corey Goode and David Wilcox. ( She starting following Corey Goode’s webpage The Sphere Being Alliance (

In this program Corey discusses that large spheres entered our solar system and that the dark galactics felt them an ominous presence. The Spheres were called Guardians, but had not taken any action and the galactics didn’t know why the spheres were there.

Upon hearing this information Raven decided to channel the Guardians directly. She made contact with them and offered to be a channel for them if they had anything they would like to communicate to the Humans about why they had appeared in our solar system and what they intended to do. She had no idea that this encounter was a significant moment as she was recognized by the Guardians and was appreciated for her offer to assist them in communication to the world.

Early Years

Monica Kelly, now Raven Shamballa, was raised in Clovis, California. She’s a daughter of immigrant parents, both were devout Christians. Raven’s father, an Indian man from Calcutta, was converted at a Bill Graham Crusade and came to America to teach others about the love of Jesus Christ through the Southern Baptist Church. Raven’s mother was born in Rio de Janeiro, also sought to spread the love of Christ.

At age 18, inspired by her Indian heritage, she decided to explore the path of yoga. She moved to Seattle to complete her Bachelor’s degree at the University of Washington and studied yoga passionately. Yoga means union with divine love and light.

In her first seven years of practice, Raven studied Hatha Yoga. She learned the style of Iyengar Yoga which focuses on accurate form and body postures. The next five years, Raven studied Ananda Yoga and the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda. She learned the art of relaxation and the benefits of meditation, mindfulness, and affirmation. Ananda yoga taught Raven about the joy the yogi feels in stillness. Her studies also focused on Raja Yoga, Kriya Yoga, and Sanskrit chanting.

Raven, aka as Monica Kelly, returned home to complete her Master’s Degree in Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy at California State University, Fresno. During grad school, she worked as a personal trainer and yoga teacher and pursued a second BA in Art. This education allowed her to study Western psychology and its methods for working with people in the mental and emotional body. This taught Raven how to listen and work with families, clarify psychological diagnosis, and understand the clinical aspect of the therapeutic work.

After Graduate School

Post-graduation, Raven studied Energy Work and Energy Healing. She learned about Reiki, Pranic Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy, Chakra Balancing, Sound Therapy, and working with the Energy Body for rapid healing of psychological problems.

Her practice greatly changed after she studied hypnosis with Dolores Cannon. Dolores Cannon is a hypnotherapist and created QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy), which takes people to past life regressions and then connects them to their Higherself under hypnosis.

In the next two years, Raven practiced hypnosis. This was profound and interesting to her as it expanded her mind to the realm of possibilities. While in practicum with hypnosis, Raven studied chakras and became interested in using the pendulum to assess and diagnose the energy body. She noticed how imbalances in the chakra system were tied in with psychological disease.

Raven's life has been very spiritual. She teaches yoga and meditation from the perceptive of the energy and soul body. She considers herself devoted to higher truth, love, light, and joy. She has spent a lifetime studying esoteric teaching, metaphysic, and attending mystical teachings and workshops. As a meditation practitioner, her intuition is strong, and her clairvoyant skills had started to develop. But it was not until the surgery that Raven’s ability to hear the angels, masters, Lords, and galactics became profound and consistent.

Raven was asked by her guides to change her name to Raven Shamballa. She has now published four books An Illustrated Guide to the 7 Primary Chakras, The 100 Chakra Book, The 3 Pendulum Languages, and 10 Cosmic Dimensions: A Spiritual Guidebook to Ascension..

She also offers the following services: Psychic Readings, Negative Energy Release, Coaching, and Hypnosis.

Raven helps Lightworkers, stand up and shine brightly as a beacon of truth to bring love to the world.