Increase Your Manifestation Power

by Invoking Your Personal Angelic Team!


$30 Angel Reading!

Understand your Primary and Seconary Angelic Teams! Learn How to Connect to Your Team! Receive Guidance and Increae Your Intuitive Power

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$50 Angel Reading!

For an additional $50 receive a 30min Phone or Skype Reading with Raven Shamballa. Receive 3 Angel Names on your Personal Team! Find out how many angels are working with you in your primary and secondary teams.

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Raven Shamballa - Psychic Intuitive, Holistic Coach, Medium, Energy Healer

Raven Shamballa is a holistic counselor, hypnotherapist, and yoga and meditation teacher. She is a psychic intuitive and mystic healer that specializes in past life regression, energy work, clearing the chakra system, and psychic phenomena. Raven has a holistic perspective on healing, and offers information regarding conscious transformation, hypnosis, chakra work, rituals, and self-realization. Raven is an artist, healer, and metaphysician who seeks to help others create their own happy and harmonious journey. Raven works with team of masters and angels that guide her path, light her way, and bring new information down from the light realm to our evolving human consciousness. Raven holds your best interest at heart, and the best interest of all beings everywhere, to guide the whole human race to a place of more love, light, and joy.