Online scheduling


Thank You for your interest in a private session with Raven Shamballa.
Please email or text to 760-750-0844 and we can decide the date and time you would like to meet via Zoom application.
Please read the following information regarding scheduling with Raven.


Raven schedule is limited, and it opens and closes depending on her writing and traveling schedule. As a result, there is often a waiting period, and a non-refundable deposit is required at the time you book your session.
Raven only speaks English. If you want to use an interpreter please let her know, the cost is extra. This is due to extra time being needed when using an interpreter.
Privates and Groups are scheduled Pacific Standard Time (PST).
Please let her know your time zone.
Sessions are available through Zoom, or backup phone conference call if Internet connection is poor. All sessions are recorded and available for download, 1 week after session date.
Raven's calendar opens March 2021 and closes May 2021. Raven prefers Tuesdays Wednesdays and Thursdays. Saturdays are available if needed.


Privates for psychic readings communicate the following information: Soulful Age, Chakra reading to the 100 Chakra, Past Life Readings, Life Purpose reading, Angels on your Personal Team and Development of Psychic Skills. I will tell you how many angels are on your team, and what chakras were cleared.
Raven is not a fortune teller nor does she predict the future. She will communicate what your Leadership Angels or Ascended Masters communicate directly to her.
Raven is no longer a mental health therapist and encourages everyone to find local long-term support. Privates with Raven should occur every 4 to 6 months.
In a few cases, Raven may suggest additional sessions for chakra clearing.


Session cost is $250 for 2 hours. 
For a limited time only, you can earn a $50 discount toward the $250 for a $200 session. See information on discount below.
You are required to put down a 50% non refundable deposit to hold the space.
The remaining 50% balance and discounts are applied at the ended of the session. Payment is due at the end of the session.
Tips can be given at Paypal


All private sessions and group work are scheduled through the Scheduleicity Application.
 Credit card payments are taken via the Scheduleicity Application.
Please email or text to 760-750-0844 and we can decide the date and time you would like to meet via Zoom application.
Then I will open my Schedulicity Calendar and you can schedule an appointment through the application for the agreed upon time.

GO TO MY WEBSITE and click on the green schedule button 


use the Schedulicity Computer or Phone App, search Raven Shamballa



You can earn a discount for your session by participating in the following activities.


Post a review to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or at  after reading one of Raven’s books. You can also post reviews elsewhere and just let her know.  Each review is worth a $10 discount, up to $50.


Purchase one of Raven’s books from Barnes & Noble. Yes! it can be an e-book. Each book purchase is worth $10 towards a session.


Post it forward. Post a Raven Shamballa YouTube Video or Give a Positive Review About your Session and post it to a Facebook Group, Twitter, Instagram or another form of Social Media. Each Social Media Post is worth a $10 discount, up to $50.

Online scheduling