Raven Shamballa is a psychic medium, energy healer, holistic coach, and yoga and meditation teacher.

In 2012, Raven developed a new form of energy healing called Negative Energy Release Work (NERW). NERW is an intuitive healing art that allows one to literally release negative energy from the 100 chakras and the auric field.

NERW is a treatment method that teaches clients how to meditate while clearing the negative energies from the body.

For the spiritually advanced clients, NERW can activate higher chakras and initiate opening portal. Messages from your angels and downloads are also received. Clairvoyance, clairsentient, and clairaudience skills are practiced and developed.

During NERW, Raven scans the 100 chakra system and clears the energy body from negative energy.

NERW is a form of energy healing. It is similar to reiki healing, pranic healing or white light energy healing. NERW is focused on the concept of removing negative energies from the energy body and the Lightbody.

There are different types of negative energies that can invade our energy body and block or withdraw a chakra. When this happens, a person doesn’t feel good and presents with the negative emotions of the chakra. A person with blocked or withdrawn chakras will have symptoms of depression or anxiety.  

The subject of negative energies is large. If you want more information reference Part 3 of the 100 Chakra Book. Raven categorizes the different types of negative energies that are cleared as you start to practice energy healing.

Different verbal cues activate the energy flow to make the energy releases happen. Affirmations are repeated, or positive suggestions are given to keep the clients mind focused and in trance. Verbal cues are given to release energy out of the chakras.

NERW also has a spiritual hypnosis component. While the energy blocks are being released Raven leads one of several types of guided meditations depending on what the client needs to assist them on their journey. Psychic clients may have clairvoyant visions and go on spiritual journeys or to past lives.

NERW is a the fast track for healing emotional issues. Energy healers may be interested in learning the practice of Negative Energy Release Work. There are 3 initiations and a level 1 and level 2 practitioner to assist you in learning how to heal yourself and move in the direction of healing other people.

When your chakras are balanced, you are functioning at optimal health. Your life is goes well and continues to improve. When obstacles come up, you can handle them from a grounded position.

Click here to find out more about the 100 Chakras and NERW. You can also check her YouTube Channel to learn more about this information.

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