Raven Shamballa is psychic medium, energy healer, holistic coach and yoga and meditation teacher.

In 2012, Raven started to develop a form of energy healing called Negative Energy Clearing. Negative Energy Clearer is an intuitive healing art that allows one to literally release negative energy from the chakras and the auric field.

This approach is completely different from the use of psychotropic medication to relieve emotional distress. Medication covers or suppresses the symptoms, but does little to release the client from the emotional distress. With Negative Energy Clearing, emotional blocks are lifted up and out of the person, and replaced with positive healing energy that comes from Divine Source.

Depression, for example, can be felt as heaviness in the heart. Job issues and conflicts can be felt as an uncomfortable feeling in your belly. Raven can feel inside your energy body for the emotional hurt, and once an emotional discomfort is found, it can be released, literally pulled out. Once the emotional energy is released, your symptoms will decrease or be gone completely.

In conjunction with this meditative treatment, Raven uses positive affirmations and visualizations during hypnosis to combat false underlying beliefs and outdated subconscious programs that keep clients locked in emotionally unproductive patterns. For example, “I’m not good enough” becomes, “I love myself, I deserve the very best. I am perfect and whole and complete as I am.”

Sometimes negative energy is residue energy from traumas, distressing events, or a difficult childhood. If you are feel sad for no reason, or trigger too hard with anger, there could be underlying emotional energy that needs to be released.


  • $125 for 1 hour
  • $140 for 1.5 hours
  • $549 for 1.5 hours
  • Sliding scale by request
  • Payments through paypal: contact@ravenlightbody.com


What is a chakra and what are you measuring?

A chakra is an energy center. Raven scans the seven major chakras of the many that you have in yourbody. They measure the vitality of the energy centers. Each center represents different psychological attributes in your life. When all 7 chakras are open and strong, you are functioning at optimal health. When one of the chakra is blocked, you feel out of sorts, or present with a diagnosable mental illness.

Chakra 1

Grounded Stressed Out, Earthquake Feeling
Calm Quick to Anger
Safe Everything is an Emergency

Chakra 2

Motivated Feeling Stuck, Unmotivated
Creative Drive Unable to Make a Difficult Decision
Freedom Life is a Prison
Sexual Satisified Sexual Blocked

Chakra 3

Right Power Dominating/Powerless
Fair and Balanced in leadership Dominating/Powerless
Courage and Confidence Low Self esteem
Peace Anger

Chakra 4

Love Forgiveness Issues
Love Relationship with Others Past Hurts and Lingering Pain
Generous Selfish
Self Love Feels Unworthy of Love
Love Expansion Feels Unlovable
Love to All Beings Everywhere Selfish, Ego Centered
Christ Consciousness Cut Off and Disconnected

Chakra 5

Self Expression Don’t Feel Unique and Special
Yo Have Something Positive to Say Negative Words, Cursing
You Communicate and Others Hear You Frustrated Over Communication
You have Something Important to Express You Feel Your Ideas and Words Are Useless
You Speak With Beautiful Vibrations You Speak With Ugly Vibration
Kind Sweet Words Anger, Nagging, and Complaining

Chakra 6

Faith in the Outcome Worry and Fear Based Thoughts
You Know Your Life Purpose You Feel Lost and Without Direction
You Intend How Your Life is Going to Go You Doubt Yourself
You Are Aware of Multi-Dimensional Self You Are Aware of Your Physical Self Only
You Intend Who You are Becoming Your Vision is Unclear
Intuition Starts to Develop You Are Not In Tune With Your Intuition

Chakra 7

The Crown Chakra is Open You Are Cut Off From Loving Energy
The Halo at the Top of the Head is Open and You Are Receiving It’s Open, But Not Tuned In to be Receive From Their Higher Power
You Are Aware of a Higher Power You Believe There Is a Higher Power But You are not Receiving Benefits/Blessing From It.
You Know What is Truth For You You Don’t Know What is the Truth and You Feel Disconnected.

When your chakras are balanced, you are grounded, you are motivated, you exercise right power, you express yourself, and you have something important to say. You have a strong vision and your mind is discipline to positive thinking. You feel connected, you know how to receiving love through your crown chakra or halo at the top of your head.

You are functioning at optimal health. You are making things happen in your world and you are feeling kinder. Your life is going good and continues to improve.

When there is negative energy like fear, anger, hurt, resentment, or confusion in your energy body, you don’t feel good. You don’t feel safe, you don’t know what to do, and you feel powerless, sad or angry. Your heart is hurt, you don’t speak up and you feel disconnected.

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