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    Spiritual Classes and Training for All Levels


    There is a transformation taking place on a cosmic scale. Scores of everyday people are starting to awaken spiritually — which is a process that can be as anxiety-inducing and scary as it is joyful and cathartic. 

     As the new age continues to bring about this global shift in consciousness, negative energies may be amplified, giving rise to physical, mental and psychological problems. It is crucial for people to find a spiritual guru they trust to guide them through the spiritual awakening process, not only to ensure their wellbeing but also to make the most out of the cosmic shift that is taking place.

    In 2014, Raven Shamballa awoke from surgery to find that she was psychic with an ability to communicate directly with the heavenly realms. Since then, Raven has dedicated her life to helping people around the world navigate the spiritual struggles of the new age by offering a wide variety of spiritual events, ranging from drop-in spiritual classes online on a single topic to a yearlong spiritual training program.


    Raven now offers online webinars and spiritual classes, and online spiritual courses for students of all levels. The best way to stay up to date with her spiritual course offerings is to add your name to her mailing list or to follow her spiritual events page on Facebook.  

    Keep reading to go more in-depth into Raven’s spiritual courses and training. See the pages

    Ascension Group (Online Spiritual Course}

    Ongoing Energy Healing (Online Spiritual Course) 

    Certifications Negative Energy Release Work (Online Spiritual Courses)

    Workshops (Online Spiritual Events)


    Still Have Questions About Raven’s Spiritual Classes and Training? Write Us a Message!

    Have you just started on your spiritual path and need guidance about which spiritual classes to take? Are you confused about what a particular spiritual course offering entails? Raven is standing by to help you choose the spiritual training that is right for you and your goals. Remember that your spirituality is a journey so you don’t have to know all the answers right away. Taking spiritual courses is the ideal way to test the waters to see what helps you live authentically as your highest self. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have.


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