Raven offers a variety of discussion classes and workshops on-line and in-person.
Raven’s On-line and In-person schedule varies depending on her writing and travel schedule.

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If you are interested in hosting an IN-PERSON workshop with Raven, please email ravenlightbody@gmail.com.

Ascension Group by Topic

Join a discussion group on a variety of topics based on Raven’s books and other popular topics that cover spiritual development, relationship issues, psychic development, meditation, energy clearing, empathic sensitivity and more. Raven introduces a topic, takes Q & A and leads an energy clearing meditation. 2 hours.

Here is a short list of Ascension Group Discussions

  • Practice Clairvoyance Open Your Third Eye
  • Empathic Sensitivity and How to Stay Centered
  • How to Meditate and Attune to your Higher Power
  • Release Negative Energy from Negative People and Places
  • Attracting Abundance and Manifesting
  • What is Karma?
  • Learning About the Ascension Process

Introduction Courses on Raven’s Books

Raven offers introduction courses to introduce the material in her books.

An Introduction to the 100 Chakra System and How to Clear Negative Energy

An Introduction to the 3 Pendulum Languages & How to Communicate with your Angelic Team.

An Introduction to the 10 Cosmic Dimensions

Follow-on Workshops (6 classes) are offered to explore the material in detail and practice the work.

Meditation by Donation

Raven offers a 30-minute Meditation by Donation. Please see Raven’s schedule for the 30- minute by donation schedule.

Level 1 Certification in Negative Energy Release Work

A Level 1 Certification Program for Negative Energy Release Work will be offered in 2022.
Please stay tune for more information on this event.

Introduction to the 3 Pendulum Language

In this workshop, Raven introduces her new book the 3 Pendulum Languages: Contact Your Angelic Team, Pendulum on the Hand, Charts and Maps. This class is Level 1 .Raven gives a basic overview of using the pendulum for spirit contact. She reviews the basics for how to hold the pendulum and being certain you are working with your angelic team. She introduces Pendulum on the Hand and basic commands for programing your pendulum. 2 hours: 1 hour lecture, 30 min clearing meditation, 30 min questions and answers.

Group Past Life Regression

This workshop is a group hypnosis to reveal a Past Life. Participants are asked to bring pillows, blankets and bolsters to lie down and move deep into trance. Participants can choose to sit in chairs if they prefer. Raven speaks about the Ascending Chakras and how they relate to past lifes. This is a 2-hour class. 45 minutes are spent in trance. Following the session, participants are asks to journal or write down their experience, so bring your notebook.