3 pendulum languages

    Workshops (Online Spiritual Events)


    Format: 2-3 live instructional courses via Zoom (2 - 2.5 hours each)

    Frequency: Every other week

    Price: Varies

    Format, frequency and price depends on the nature of the spiritual classes being offered. 

    Are you interested in substantially deepening your knowledge of a topic that Raven writes about? Is one spiritual course at a time just not enough? Do you hope to emerge from the spiritual courses you enroll in with enough knowledge to effortlessly apply what you’ve learned to your everyday life? If so, you are likely to benefit from enrolling in Raven’s spiritual workshops.

    If you are on your spiritual training journey, Raven’s workshops can help enhance the knowledge you have already attained. While these online spiritual courses focus on a single topic, such as pendulums, the topic is usually complex, which is why Raven needs more than one session to teach it thoroughly. 

    Here is an example of the spiritual courses offered in a previously held three-day workshop on pendulums:

    1. Pendulum Basics, based on the book, 3 Pendulum Languages
    2. Advanced Pendulum Moves, based on the book, 3 Pendulum Languages
    3. Advance to the next Ascension Level, based on the book 10 Cosmic Dimensions

    These online spiritual course offerings will generally be a combination of Raven lecturing and fielding questions from students. Workshops must be purchased as a package (e.g., if a workshop consists of two separate spiritual courses, students do not have the option to just purchase one). 

    While Raven does consistently offer workshops, she does not hold them as consistently as ongoing energy clearings and Ascension Group. To stay in the loop about Raven’s workshops, follow Raven’s Facebook page or subscribe to Raven’s mailing list.

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