How Raven Became Psychic - Part 1

People often ask me, “How did you become psychic?” “What are your psychic powers?” Does everybody have the ability to become psychic?” “How do I become aware of the spirit world?”

The Chakra System and Energy Body Food Example

The chakra system is invisible and exist in the 5th dimension. Chakras have positive and negative emotional and energetic poles. To see visual illustrations, check out my book 7 Primary Chakra System or the 100 Chakra System at

The Chakra System Exists in the 5th Dimension

If you are interested in the chakra system, energy healing, healing arts, spiritual hypnosis, or past life regression and other new age concepts such as channeling or experiencing the spirit world you are beginning to activate and become aware of higher dimensions.  You are starting the ascension process. In my book “10 Cosmic Dimensions, A Spiritual Guidebook to Ascension” I discuss the concepts of ascension.