Are You an Old Soul or a Young Soul?  What is Your Soulful Age?
Copywrite Raven Shamballa concepts from 1000 Realms of Light, to publish 2022.


Have you ever been told you are an old soul? What is an old soul? For most people, the definition of old soul is a young person that shows deep wisdom and maturity for their age. An old soul might carry a vibration of easy going or show unique talents at a young age.


As I was developing my skills as a marriage and family therapist, I started to understand that different people had different levels of maturity and wisdom. I could tell that some people were wise and felt older and others were very lost and felt younger to me.


I decided to ask my angels a question about people’s soulful age. Were souls different in ages? Were there different categories of souls on Earth?


My team responded to me. I remember I heard the answer very clearly. My lead angel, who I call Zuc, said to me, “There are twelve categories of angels in the heavenly realms, four of those categories are currently incarnating on Earth right now.” “Angels Level 1, Angels Level 4, Angels Level 10 and Angels Level 12”.


“What about the master class?” I asked. Zuc responded, “There are five categories of Masters. These types of masters are incarnating on Earth right now. Masters Level 1, Master Level 3 and Imperial Masters, Master Level 5.” Zuc continued, “Ascended Masters can also fragment and take incarnations on Earth. In some cases, they may have 400 or more incarnations on Earth”.


This line of questioning started a conversation on the topics of soulful age, angel levels, curriculum at each level, and life between lifetimes here on Earth, or other planets.

When I give personal readings, I tell people their soulful age. Often in workshops, I will read everyone in the room.


Clients have been asking me to write down the information and in fact, this information will be explored and shared in my future book title, “1000 Realms of Light, Journey’s of a Modern-Day Prophet.” For now, I will give an overview of this concept of angel levels, master levels and ascended master fragments in the next five blogs.


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