The Chakra System

The Chakra System
In yoga philosophy, a “chakra” is defined as a spinning whirlpool of energy. There are seven chakras located along the spine. These chakras take in and release negative energy and positive energy from people and our environment. The seven chakras exchange information with our world. Emotions and energies interact with the chakras, which are connected to various psychological and neurological systems in the body.


Raven Shamballa, a yoga teacher and master energy healer, coined the term “7 Primary Chakra” because in her new book the 100 Chakra System she defines one hundred chakras that exists in and above the human energy body. The 7 Primary Chakras is her other book which gives a visual reference guide illustrating the energy and emotions of the seven chakras within, and just above the physical body. The seven chakras are well known through books and spiritual teachings. Healers over the last 10,000 years have described this energy body chakra system in detail. 


The chakra system is important to understand to help people stay emotionally balanced. It is especially important to understand if one is interested in the healing arts, spiritual hypnosis or energy healing. Reiki is a popular form of energy healing that many yoga practitioners are investigating. These healing art disciplines involve understanding the seven chakras. Once this energy body system is well understood, it is appropriate to start the study of the one hundred chakras. The study of the one hundred chakras explain how to clear current life trauma and past life trauma. This study also gives clarity on how to achieve spiritual enlightenment through yoga, meditation, and energy clearing.


The chakra system describes a system of how to understand the emotional and psychological systems of the human being. Once students of energy healing and reiki understand the chakra system, yoga students can figure out how to remove negative energies from the chakra system. A more advanced student would be interested in learning how to release negative energy from the one hundred chakras, which Raven describes in detail in her new book 100 Chakra System, An Introduction to Negative Energy Release Work.


This blog will cover a variety of topics including understanding the chakra system, energy healing, spiritual hypnosis, deep trance meditation, finding your life purpose and how to psychically communicate with your angelic team.


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